woensdag 20 augustus 2008

This is fun!

On one of my favorite blogs I found a fun link, and thought I should give that a try. I did this afternoon and made these:

The one with the pumpkins is for my friend Iris (she promised she wouldn't peek, but if she should: I hope you like them Iris!!!), we did a little private exchange between the two of us, she sent me this beautiful floss tag (see Iris, I immediately took it in use!), and I would make her a set of Halloween coasters.

The other set is also a present, I will be mailing both out tomorrow, and I will definitely be making more of these soon, they are such fun to make, so I think some of you should be watching their mail boxes...

Blogger is still making a mess of my layout, I don't know why...

dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

School started again...

... on Monday. And so, this past weekend, we "celebrated" the end of summer vacation. On Saturday the children went to their grandparents for a sleepover, so we had an unexpected evening "off duty". First we wanted to go to the cinema, but there wasn't any movie that appealing to us to leave home for. Instead we took a long walk with the dog, made ourselves a lovely dinner of buffalo mozzarella and spanish ham

and pizza, and after that watched a dvd while sharing a jar of Ben and Jerries cookie dough icecream... we thought it was a nice evening! Just before going to bed we had a (kind of blurry, there was a bit of a mist) view at the partial moon eclipse

On Sunday, we baked a pie

for dessert and then vacation was over... Fortunately both our daughters like school so much, although the youngest had a bit of a problem saying goodbye when I left her at school in the morning.

Finally, I have some stitching to show you, it is my design on the RR to start on Sept. 1. I have adapted LHN's "Spot of Coffee/Tea" to fit both the coffee and tea theme I want my RR to have. I haven't finished it yet, but I hope to do have done so by the end of this week, so that I can make the parcel ready to send out for the first time.

sorry for the messy layout on this post, I cannot seem to get it right, hopefully the next one will be better!

zaterdag 2 augustus 2008

Some things to show

As I am sure she must have unpacked it by now I want to show you a little something I made this week to send along with Chantals birthday present. She loves blue and tea so I thought this would be just right for her:

"Tea with Jane" freebie by The Sampler Girl, done on off-white 28 count jobelan in GAST threads.

Yesterday the mailman surprised me with a package from Chantal in our Dutch Borduurhoekje group's summer needleroll exchange, and this is what was in it:

Besides the beautiful needleroll there were some fabrics in yummy yellow colors, fun buttons, satin ribbons in various widths and colors, and a Jeannette Douglas design called "Summer at the Ocean". Thanks Chantal for the great package!

Last Sunday we returned from our summer vacation, which this year we spent at a camping in the Belgian town of Virton. It was a nice vacation, the weather was nice, and I got a lot of stitching done. Allmost all of it are present so I will have to wait showing them until they are received...

Today I am going to start a new project, an RR with 5 other ladies from the Borduurhoekje group. For my subject I have chosen LHN patterns with a coffee/tea theme. The RR is supposed to be finished on my birthday next year. First sending date is Sept. 1, I am very looking forward to receiving the RR packages every time!