donderdag 25 oktober 2007

Another finish!

Wow, two finishes in one day, that has been a while! But I managed yesterday, and in the evening my halloween biscornu was completed:

I used some Kreinik "glow in the dark" floss in this, in orange and green.
I found the pattern on a French blog, called "Les Chroniques de Frimousse". They have a lot of free small patterns, quite cute. And the language shouldn't be a problem for the patterns. There are some very cute moose and snowmen patterns on it now, already for Christmas.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Very cute Halloween biscornu! Congratulations on your finish :)

  2. Love your Hallowe'en biscornu - does the thread work, does it glow??

  3. @Stephanie: yes it does, but only for a short while though. It has been quite a struggle to work with it so I'm not sure I would use it again soon. The children thought it was big fun though!