woensdag 31 oktober 2007

Strange day...

It was a very strange day here today... I was supposed to have an ear operation today and had to be in hospital 8.15 am. So far so good, we were in time, I was installed in a room and prepared by a nurse. We waited and got to hear that I was scheduled for 10.15 am. At 10.10 am the doctor came in and told me there were complications in the surgery before mine, and there was and emergency in line behind me. And there wasn't enough time to perform my surgery in between... so I was skipped of the list and sent home. I was so disappointed, everything was arranged to go well at home and at work, and I had been so nervous yesterday, I finally calmed down this morning since I knew it would be done in a few hours... NOT! Now I have to go through all this again next week, I am scheduled again for next Wednesday. I'll believe it when I see it...
We decided, since Eric had a day off after all, to go for a walk in the woods this afternoon, and treated ourselves to hot chocolate with cream and a good piece of applepie at a little café in the woods. Although it was good, up until this moment I haven't lost the restless feeling I have since this morning when I was sent home.
So, Eric will go back to work tomorrow and see if he can move his days off to next week, and then I will start preparing myself again... Since I didn't have any plans for the next few days I think I will try and do some stitching instead!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ach Willeke, dat is erg!
    Probeer zeker wat afleiding te vinden komende week.... sterkte hé!

  2. That just sucks! I can well understand your frazzled nerves. Hope all goes smoothly next week!

  3. Wat erg!! Zou zo'n dokter zelf in de gaten hebben wat hij je aandoet?
    Veel sterkte komende week, ik zal voor je duimen dat het volgende woensdag wel doorgaat.

  4. Willeke - it's so difficult when you've had yourself all prepared for the operation! Hopefully there will be no dramas next time! Hugs - Stephanie

  5. Hè getver, Willeke! Eén voordeel: nu kun je morgen lekker taart komen eten!

  6. Hallo Willeke,
    Heb zojuist je blog ontdekt, wat balen van die afspraak. Ik vind dat je veel mooie borduursels hebt. zelf borduur ik ook maar heb er nog niets van op mijn blog laten zien.(gaat snel gebeuren)