vrijdag 12 oktober 2007

I'm still here!

Voor mijn Nederlandse lezers: ik heb besloten alleen nog in het Engels te schrijven, mocht je dit echt een probleem vinden dan kun je de pagina vertalen met Babelfish.

Wow, I cannot believe it has been a month since my last post... I have been so busy with lots of things, but I missed blogging though, and most of all I missed your comments...
I will not even try to tell you what I was so busy with the last month, I will just show you some pics of my stitching since I did do quite some of that...
Two weeks ago we had a get together of our Dutch stitching group at Chantals in Belgium, and it was such a nice day. I stitched quite a lot on my Quaker sampler that day, and got to see a lot of beautiful things everyone made. I made two presents for that day, one for the present basket, everyone got one present out of that before leaving that day, this is what I made and it went home with my friend Jacqueline:

I'll show you what I got later.
We also have a birthday exchange on this list and I had to make a present for Diana, who has her birthday in September. This is what I made for her, as I know she loves snowmen:

The last few days weren't very good, it seems like the flue has visited... both my husband and I were feeling sick. But today it seems to be better. Fortunately, I wasn't that sick I had to stay in bed all day and that way I got quite some stitching done. I have finished my model stitching job for The Sampler Girl, which I think turned out very well. And I stitched a little freebie design of hers as well:

I'm going to attach that to the lid of a wooden tea box.

After visiting the Hobby Salon in Mechelen (Belgium) in September, and buying some very nice wool for a scarf there, I also took up knitting again, I have already finished my scarf and almost finished another one for my eldest daughter. My youngest has ordered one now too...

And last but not least I owe you a pic of my Halloween House sampler up until part 5:

Sorry the pic is a bit dark, it is a gloomy misty day here...
The last part is to have it finished before October 20, so it will be ready in time for Halloween!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. My goodness but you've been prolific with needle and thread!!!
    Gorgeous stuff here and many treats for the eyes!
    I hope you continue to mend from the flu...terrible and nasty that dreaded illness is!

  2. Since you decided to write your blog in English, I will stick to commenting in English as well. We can chat in Dutch whenever we want, right?
    My goodness woman, you have been busy! I adore your Halloween House :o)

  3. Lovely projects you've been working on. Halloween House is looking fantastic, I love the design.

  4. Lovely projects you've been working on. Halloween House is looking fantastic, I love the design.

  5. You've been really busy Willeke! Hope you and your husband are recovering from the flu. Love all your projects - and what a great idea to meet up with local stitchers for a stitching day. Now to find some local to me, LOL!

  6. Hi! Thank you for the return-exchange of Crazy-Exchange! :) I have something to ask about the cross-stitched heart, my question is in the mail and in the Crazy-Exchange -forum...