donderdag 4 september 2008

Busy day...

I shamelessely stole this idea from Francine's blog, keeping in mind that you better steal a good idea than to think of a bad one yourself... Although my day wasn't way near as interesting as hers...

This was my day:

7.00 get up, wash, get clothes on, make breakfast for me and the kids, read newspaper online, help my youngest with her clothes, get bags ready for the kids... etc. etc.

8.15 walk the kids to school. Stay there to get an explanation of the school library computer system.

10.00 pick up youngest daughter from her class and drive to the dermatologist

11.00 drop off youngest daughter at my parents, drive to the dentist

11.20 with a mouth half paralyzed by anaesthetics and two new fillings, drive car to home, walk to school to pick up eldest daughter

12.15 have lunch at my parents (ate egg à la daddy, yum!)

1.15 drop the kids off at school again, on my way helped my daughters friend who fell from the climbing fence

1.20 pick up medication for youngest daughter in the pharmacy

1.30 back to school, to unpack books for the library

3.15 pick up girls again, one brought a friend to play

3.45 make homework with my eldest

4.30 start to prepare dinner

5.10 bring daughters friend home, on my way back go to the store to pick up some things for dinner

5.25 finish dinner, call my sister

5.50 dinner

6.30 bring some things my friend left here over to her

6.35 clean up the kitchen

7.00 write this blog entry

And now I'm wondering why I feel tired and dont feel like stitching anymore... off to my cup of tea and a bit of tv watching!!!

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